Find out what support is available to you as a union member through Unite Legal Services and how we can fight for you and  your family.

Unite Legal Services  provide our members with FREE legal support and representation in the workplace, expert solicitor support when pursuing a personal injury or employment tribunal claim and advice in relation to other legal matters.

Employment Matters

Do you have a   problem at work?

Members are entitled to advice and representation for a workplace issue and this support is FREE under your Unite membership.  To seek advice please contact your local Unite office in the south east, details are on our 'Contact Us' page. Details of your employment issue will be taken and passed on to a regional officer or workplace representative who will be in touch to advise you. 

Are you facing a redundancy at work?

Redundancy affects not only individuals, but their families and local communities as well. For this reason we seek to use all means possible to safeguard jobs. Our aim is always to reach agreements which avoid the need for compulsory redundancies and mitigate the consequences for those affected. 

Please read carefully our 'Redundancy - Unite guide for members' booklet that sets out basic rights and discusses the main issues likely to be raised in a redundancy situation and watch our Redundancy Process Webinar.

Redundancy Process Webinar

Resources mentioned in the video:
- HR1 Form 
- Membership types and calculator
- Negotiators Glossary

Personal Injury Claims

Unite's Personal Injury Scheme offers a completely FREE service and you will keep 100% of your compensation.
There are no fees, no deductions and no compromises when it comes to your claim. You will get expert personal injury claim advice at absolutely no cost and provided with guidance and support throughout each stage of your claim.

Non-working family members of Unite members can also use this service.

The types of claims you can pursue through Unite Legal Services are accidents inside/outside of the workplace, serious injuries, accidents abroad, industrial disease claims, road traffic accidents and medical negligence. 

Don’t delay, if you  (or a non-working family member) has a potential personal injury claim please contact us on  0800 709 007  or you can start your claim on this online form.

Free legal helpline

Members can take advantage of Unite’s free legal advice line. Members can call the legal helpline during office hours and seek advice on any legal issue.  The service is limited to two telephone calls, of no more than 20 minutes in duration, on any one legal issue. Please note this service is available to members only and not family members.

Employment related issues will not be dealt with via the legal helpline and will instead be referred to the member’s region.   

Call the Unite Legal Services’ free legal helpline on  0800 709 007.

Brexit immigration law helpline

Members originally from outside the UK who are concerned about Brexit and the effect on their right to live and work in the UK can access free specialist advice from Unite Legal Services.

Call the dedicated Brexit immigration law helpline on  0333 323 1291  to speak to one of Unite Legal Services’ immigration experts (calls charged at local rates).

Download our  A3 poster and A5 leaflet for more information.

Please note this service is available to members only and not family members.  Members must be up-to-date with membership subscriptions and have at least 4 weeks’ paying membership to qualify for this service.

Claims against the police

If you have been injured or subject to negligence at the hands of the police, Unite Legal Services’ specialist solicitors can help you to make a complaint and claim compensation.

Members can seek advice and representation in respect of claims for wrongful arrest, injury caused by the use of excessive force, violation of legal rights and misuse of stop and search procedures.

If you are a member and wish to receive advice about a potential claim against the police call  0151 225 0197.


As a member of Unite, you can take advantage of Unite Legal Services’ reduced costs for your conveyancing matters.
Contact  0800 090 3392  or email  for more information.

Work-related criminal offences

Unite Legal Services can provide members with legal assistance in the instance of work-related criminal charges, including for driving-related offences, being brought during the course of your employment. 

The support provided is subject to eligibility and certain terms and conditions, which include up to date membership subscriptions and membership of Unite for at least 13 weeks prior to the date of the alleged offence. 

Unite Legal Services retains absolute discretion to provide support and representation to members on a case-by-case basis. 

For more information about criminal legal assistance and to see whether we can help you,
please contact your regional branch today.  

Will writing and powers of attorney

Writing a will is the only way to guarantee that your estate is administered and divided in accordance with your wishes – so it’s important you take the time now to make a will.

Unite Legal Services’ free and simple will writing service can help you prepare for the future and reduce the stress for loved ones after a death. Our expert solicitors will guide you through the will writing process, explaining the stages clearly to you.
We also have expertise in dealing with enduring powers of attorney and controllership orders. 

Contact your local Unite office for more information. Please specify whether you require a single or mirror will.

Conditions of eligibility for Unite Legal Services:

  • Members are entitled to legal assistance in accordance with Rule 4.6 of the union   Rule Book       in force at the time
  • Eligibility for legal services in respect of employment matters and other legal issues;  4 weeks' full paying membership is required
  • Unite legal assistance is granted at the sole discretion of the Executive Council of the union and can be withdrawn or varied at any time.
If you are  looking to pursue a personal injury claim, eligibility is immediate upon joining the union.
Access to the  FREE will writing service  and   work-related criminal offence assistance is available after 13 weeks of membership.
For   more   information visit